Hi, I'm Joel.

I'm a software engineer!


My profile picture.

I’m a software engineer working at Open Government Products. Prior to this I did my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science and a Master of Research at Imperial College London.


As a software engineer, I’ve worked mostly on web applications, and am comfortable working on all parts of the stack.

I’m also interested in complexity theory and have done some research on quantum computing as well as queueing theory as part of my Master of Research program.

Open Government Products

I’m proud to be part of the amazing team at Open Government Products. I’ve worked on the following projects:

  • Beeline
  • data.gov.sg
  • An internal data engineering and search project
  • Teaching public servants how to code
  • Setting up the team’s recruiting process


One of my research projects was on solving the quadratic assignment problem using the D-Wave quantum computer. Based on recent experiments, the D-Wave has performed poorly compared to other classical solvers when solving the quadratic assignment problem. My research aims to improve the performance of the D-Wave in solving the QAP.

Another of my research projects was to analyze queueing networks with fork-join constructs.


I’m teaching underprivileged children to code with Code in the Community.

I’m always interested in opportunities to help others, especially in areas related to education and computer science. Please reach out if you have such opportunities.


I love photography and hiking. You can find my photos here!

I also love soccer and sports in general.

I’m trying to read more, and am always looking for book recommendations!


My current local time is .