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I'm a student at Imperial College London doing the Master of Research in Advanced Computing program. My research project is on solving the quadratic assignment problem using the D-Wave quantum computer. Prior to this I did my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science.

I'm also interested in CS education and outreach (particularly in Singapore), so please contact me if you have any opportunities regarding that!

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My resume (updated 10 October 2015)


I'm currently doing research as part of my masters program in Imperial College London. Prior to that I've been a teaching assistant in CMU and done a software engineering internship in the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore.


My research project is on solving the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) using the D-Wave quantum computer. Based on recent experiments, the D-Wave has performed poorly compared to other classical solvers when solving the quadratic assignment problem. My research aims to improve the performance of the D-Wave in solving the QAP.


From Fall 2013 to Spring 2015, I was a teaching assistant for 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming in CMU. I held lectures for review sessions as well as on optional advanced material. I was also in charge of organizing a puzzlehunt for our students. I also mentored students for their (really amazing) term projects.

Here are links to slides I made for the optional lectures. Note that they're meant for beginner programmers and meant to be fun and to expose students to areas related to CS that they have not seen before.

Game Theory
Machine Learning
Computer Vision

Software Engineering

During my internship at IDA, I worked with another intern on a A/B testing platform for the government to use. The idea was that without much technical skill and knowledge, people from various government agencies could use the A/B testing platform to track and gauge public reaction to different versions of their emails, websites and apps. We implemented a system to automate sending and tracking of different versions of emails with a centralized dashboard to view the tracking information and statistics.

Hobbies + Fun stuff

I love photography and hiking (those two just go so well together). You can find my photos here!

I also love football (or soccer for you Americans) and sports in general. It's definitely my number one way to destress. I played intra-mural soccer at CMU which was a lot of fun!

I'm also trying to read more, and am always looking for book recommendations!

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